The facts about Wealth Distribution are usually not brought to our attention until it is too late, that is when we have to learn it the hard way. When faced with the question on wealth distribution, some usually avoid the question as they feel they do not have enough assets to distribute, or the manner of distribution is very simple and straightforward.

Regardless of whether you have accumulated a vast amount of property and assets or you consider yourself in possession of average wealth, everyone will require some form of trustee services to ensure protection and smooth distribution of their wealth. Trust arrangements vary across different individuals, ranging from a highly flexible financial plan or a confidential instrument that provides for specified beneficiaries during and after your lifetime.

AsiaCosmos Group offers services with well trained personnel, provides strategies to help you protect and preserve your wealth across generation


Our expertise aims to provide honest and up-to-date financial services to help families with the implementation of an individualized distribution plan, and legacy planning to carry wealth on to many generations.


“Disclaimer: Investors should note that ACWM Group do not conduct or provide any financial services which are classified as regulated activities supervised by the Securities and Futures Commission.”