Advanced Tax Planning Services in Hong Kong

When your investment and wealth management plan is suitably diverse and complex, it’s important to keep your tax obligations under control. However, if you have businesses and investment vessels all over the world – particularly if you’ve taken advantage of EB-5 immigration to the US – this can be difficult. However, with the assistance of a well-established tax planning company in Hong Kong, with strong ties to the US, it’s more than possible. Tax planning involves meeting your minimum obligations to ensure compliance, whilst legally minimising the total amount you pay in each jurisdiction.

We co-operate with Thong, Yu, Wong & Lee, LLP in the US to provide a full service of personalized tax planning services to individuals and small businesses. As your tax planning company in Hong Kong, we’ll help you to meet your special income tax planning and tax return preparation needs. We aim to help you plan to reduce and defer your income tax liability while remaining in compliance with income tax laws.


We are one of the leading tax planning organisations in Hong Kong, offering the best possible tax planning services in Hong Kong to our clients. 

Our tax planning services include:

  • Tax Planning & Tax Compliance (Domestic & International)
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Income Tax Preparation for Financial Institution
  • IRS audit representation and negotiations with collections (offer-in-compromise, audit reconsideration, etc.)
  • State tax audit representation: Franchise Tax Board, EDD and SBOE
  • Representation before the State Labor Commissioner and U.S. Department of Labor

Whether you already have investments in place, or would like to discuss a comprehensive investment and tax plan, ACWM Group is here to help. To make an appointment to discuss tax planning services with one of our consultants, please call +852 5646 8411. Alternatively, you can contact us online and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.