I am satisfied with Asia Cosmos, it's even a luck for me to have Asia Cosmos as my consultant in investment. Although they can't promise revenue to customers, they do explain every details about their products. If something goes wrong, they will let you know as soon as possible and explain to customers with full patience.
Their consultants are experts in the field and they are very good at what they do. I like to keep in touch with them and talk about the products I invested. And I even make friends with them, because they are reliable.
I hope Asia Cosmos to focus more on their products and do what they are good at to bring more profits to us. Just like their slogan says, let our wealth grows together!

Asia cosmos is great! They are from HK and it’s an international company, I like and trust international companies.
When a wealth management firm comes to me, my first concern is the reliability. I do not trust companies only want my money but those who take good care of my money just like Asia Cosmos does. They are all international and reliable consultants, they will analysis my situation with some specific tools and give me some good advices which are convincing and perfect to me. I can sleep well in the night with Asia Cosmos handling my wealth.
Here I recommend Asia Cosmos to those who want their money grows and I believe we will not regret for it.

According to my experience, Asia Cosmos is more than a wealth management company. They always have all kinds of events, parties, seminars and so on about investment. We can learn a lot about investment, enjoy the process with friends and make new friends. They are more like a tutor or a friend who will help you with the growth of wealth with joy.
What makes them different from other companies is they do not just manage your money, they will explain the details about how they manage your money.
Their consultants are kind and professional, whenever I have questions, I just pick up the phone or meet them in the coffee or bar, they are always available and patient to answer you and solve the problems quickly.

This is a letter for thanks to Asia Cosmos. Before we have not knowing your company, we did some investment by our limited knowledge, and it was ok but not much flexible and confident, we feel risks everywhere and out of control sometime. That’s why we are searching for some agency that can help us. Asia Cosmos is doing international investment and consulting business, and Nico, one of their consultants, is very professional in the area, she is very kind and friendly, also, she is hard working and patient to us. The advice she gave to our family can guide our finance healthier and safer for the long running.


I have cooperate with Asia Cosmos for more than 2 years. What particularly impressed me was how much time their consultants spent early on to listen my complex situations and truly understood my investment reasons. They did their best to minimize my financial risks and help to build investment strategies.
Since their investment decisions are based on my realistic financial situation, the results never fail me. Even there are some factors out of control, which may lead to loss, I believe that they can handle it and take good care of my fortune.
Their consultants never take their customers for granted, from communication to complaints, they just listen to you quietly and explain to you with patience. They are both experts as financial advisors and kind person.

I am a customer of Asia Cosmos from Shenzhen. I have received their service for a couple of years.
The service Asia Cosmos offered me is more than satisfying, I am moved by their service of their consultants.
Asia Cosmos is a HK company while we are in Shenzhen. Sometimes it is not convenient for our communication or transactions, but their consultants are really customer-oriented. They will think about all problems and solutions for you in advance and do their best to satisfy my reasonable requirements. I was invited to their office in HK, and was treated as a valuable guest. They will help you to deal with every step for the investment, which makes me feel warm and relaxed. And I look forward to have more cooperation with Asia Cosmos.


“Disclaimer: Investors should note that ACWM Group do not conduct or provide any financial services which are classified as regulated activities supervised by the Securities and Futures Commission.”