At Asia Cosmos Group, it is our priority to provide our customers with the most satisfactory services. To improve our services constantly, our customer feedbacks, comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated and extremely valuable to us


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– Provides you with quick, simplified, convenient 1:1 face to face personal financial planning services


We are committed to providing you with premium customer services. Your opinions or suggestions will enable us to serve you better. You may send us your opinions and suggestions by various channels below:

  • E-mail Us – Suggestions and Feedback 
  • Talk to us in person 
  • Complete the Customer Suggestions Leaflet and return it in person, by mail or by fax 
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Mailing Address:

Rooms 1309-11, Tai Yau Building,
No. 181 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Tel: (852) 3188 9363 

Fax: (852) 3188 9360

We will try to respond before the close of business within 24 hours upon receipt of your opinion or complaint. In case we need more time to look into the matter, we will advise you of the contact details of the person following up on your case and will endeavor to reply to you within 7 days. All your opinions and suggestions will be reflected to the management.