At ACWM Group, we invest in our people by giving ongoing top notch international training: In financial services industry that competes on enduring client relationships and financial expertise, we offer comprehensive, thorough training to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed at ACWM Group.

Professional training is part of our BIRTH. There are so many valuable aspects including developing diverse skills, connecting with your global peers, and learning from our own people. As a result, we've always aggressively conducted training, regardless of where our people are – Intensive trainings are to build our MUSCLE for the company."

- Chief Executive Officer

Here are 3 reasons why ACWM Group global training is a strong commitment to your success:

  • Dedication to our people 
  • Multinational in every corner
  • Learning by doing it culture

At ACWM Group, You'll also be matched with a mentor. A senior manager or a director usually is responsible for your professional success. We pair you with a mentor who is much more experienced and advanced has a broad perspective on your progression, and will act as a sounding board for short-term performance goals as well as long-term career goals.

We strive to develop coaching relationships along multiple dimensions. From Day1, you are matched with a mentor who will support you. You'll receive informal and formal coaching from your mentor. You will have an tremendous amount of knowledge from executives, managers and other staff. Coaching and mentoring relationships in our team are a crucial part of progression and learning at ACWM Group.

At ACWM Group, your progression is closely supervised and evaluated with regular feedback to ensure that you have the best opportunities to reach your maximum capacity. Our performance management process will help you to discover and to fully use your potentials. You will receive a review of the work you have done after each task in addition to bimonthly evaluations. As you know, feedback is not limited to these formal processes and you will receive informal feedback. Your performance and development plan will be discussed extensively and candidly to serve you with the means to accomplish our joint goals.

At ACWM Group, we seek to spot, transform and sustain gifted individuals who love to write a new chapter in our history. We offer valuable options to ensure that you have a long-lasting, fulfilling career at ACWM Group, with many opportunities to follow your interests and passions. We want us to work with your life as it changes over time.

We have several positions available to accommodate your needs and career at ACWM Group:

At ACWM Group, we are eager to offer the additional benefits to our dream makers to endorse the dreams to become true for you.

  • YOUR compensation determined by YOUR performance and local market rates
  • Reimbursement of Tuition fees for YOUR job related education program 
  • Reimbursement for YOUR relocation travel costs 
  • YOUR Language training (where required)