Asia Cosmos Wealth Management Group

We have excellent market position and a great reputation in the wealth management industry and would like to invite high caliber and dynamic individuals to join us for our continual growth and to accelerate the momentum together with our professional team.

Why Us

Your success with us will make you fortunate enough to have multiple opportunities. The possibilities are infinite at Asia Cosmos Wealth Management Group.

We’ve spent a lot of time speaking with candidates—from undergraduates to Ph.D. to those deep in their professional careers— including bankers, accountants, engineers, scientists—and we find you share the same value with us.

  • You want work that's aligned with meaning and impact. Making a difference in the company is a deep motivation.
  • You are accomplished, but want opportunities to grow. You are desperate for growth and success..

If our value is of great interest to you, you're of real interest to us. Talk to some of the people who make ACWM Group unique, and listen to their stories to learn why they joined and what inspires them. 

Our values, mission, and vision have been at the heart of ACWM Group. Everyone has lived by them, worked by them, and developed as his own through them.

Our values demand that we always put the client first, that we operate with the highest professional standards, and that we create and sustain an unrivalled environment for exceptional people.

We expect that we share a lot of them with you. They include the importance of challenging work that matters to the company. The pleasures will be derived from changes and collaboration. 


“Disclaimer: Investors should note that ACWM Group do not conduct or provide any financial services which are classified as regulated activities supervised by the Securities and Futures Commission.”